A new roof is a major investment, but will add value to a property and save money in the long run. Most mortgage lenders will provide loans for this type of work, as it is seen to be protecting their investment. Therefore, it is wise to ensure the roof of your home is in optimal condition before undertaking interior refurbishment.

Our free quotations and detailed assessments allow customers to consider all the options before committing to a contract with Barretts.


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Our Services Include:

Block Paving
Decorating Services
Flat Roofing Systems
Guttering Maintenance
Home Improvements
Lead Flashing
Modern Conservatories
New Roof
Professional Builder
Re-Roofing, Slates and Tiles
Roofing Repairs
Velux Windows
Image 2 Emergency Roof Repairs

Barretts - Contractors provide a call out service to deal with storm damage or other roofing emergencies. Temporary measures will be implemented to protect a customer's property while repairs take place. However, it is advisable that customers consult their insurance policy covers the repair costs beforehand.

Once the property is protected Barretts- Contractors will arrange a convenient time to carry out further work on the roof, ensuring it is 100% waterproof. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that your home is protected once again.