We do Fascias-Soffits in WV14 - BILSTON - Bradley Bilston Town
Do You Need a Permanent Solution to Outside Property Maintenance?
For the uninitiated, a worn fascia may sound fairly innocuous. But those in the know warn that it can lead to a plethora of problems, from dry rot to woodworm, and in some cases, even maggots.
Leaking rotten guttering and roof linings, and rotten wall cladding, can let hidden rot eat away at the structure of your roof and home. The damage can prove costly.
But with Barrett's products, you avoid the need to paint or repair those features on the outside of your home.

You will have virtually no maintenance.

With Barrett's products, you don't have to worry about those hard-to-reach parts around your roof. Almost maintenance-free, it just wipes clean with a cloth.

Practically perfect UPVC

Our products are made from UPVC, which never warps, cracks, peels, flakes or rots. It resists acids, alkali's, seawater, insects and pollution.
It withstands the elements and stays permanently in place.
Even in exposed locations, it keeps your home looking beautiful for years.

Complete replacement

When we install Barrett's products, we completely remove the old roof lining products. If battens or the feet of roof rafters are rotten we replace them.
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